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DMCT with a theme सहायता के दो हाथ कमज़ोर हाथों के साथ ” is operating as a “ Not for Profit” registered trust with a mission :

To provide medical support to the underprivileged in the remotest parts of this country and improve the quality of healthcare to the economically deprived.

To encourage the development of quality medical care in remote areas

Attempt to bring donors, healthcare workers, volunteers, other NGO’s under one umbrella to work towards the improvement of healthcare, sanitation and hygiene

Setting up Health Camps in remote and inaccessible locations for more than 25 years.

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Daya Memorial charitable trust (Regd) – DMCT– which is working for more than three decades in an effort to take the fruits of modern healthcare to that section and segment of the population of our country who need it the most but have the least access to, invites either single male and female young doctors or doctor couples ( MBBS and beyond ) to come forward and participate in DMCT’S mission.

Most of the activities, and the one scheduled in the month of July 2023, is in a village of Uttarakhand. 

Perks Provided:

Please contact the below mentioned number only if you’re seriously interested in this effort.

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Kind Words from Dr. Urvashi

Daya Memorial Charitable Trust, known for its motto- "Sahayata ke do hath kamjor hathon ke sath," envisions establishing Rural India Medical Clinics across the country, providing modern healthcare to rural populations deprived even of basic health services.
Since 2004, the trust has been dedicated to this cause and recently set up their RIMC-1 unit in Jadi Pani, District Tehri, Uttarakhand, in 2022, organising clinic once every 2 months ever since.
The recent healthcare activity from 12-14th May, benefited 247 patients by providing consultation and distributing medicines and tests done free of cost , otherwise worth thousands of rupees. During this activity various blood tests were done for 212 attendees under the supervision of Dr. Malti Goel (Senior Pathologist), 87 X-rays, 43 ECGs with immediate reporting by highly respected senior radiologist Dr. B.R. Goel, ensuring efficient healthcare delivery.

The dedication of Mr. Gopal Raturi and Mr. Subir Bisht, trustees of the trust, along with Dr. Dhruv Kapoor (Trustee and Medical consultant), Dr. (Mrs.) Urvashi Kapoor (Dental Consultant) and, Mrs. Reena Raturi (Co-ordinator-par excellence), and the para-medical staff, was commendable.

This initiative was inspired by the visionary Dr. R.K. Kapoor (Secretary and Chief functionary- DMCT, New Delhi).
Last but not the least DMCT is grateful to the M/s SML Labels Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram for the CSR funds and individual contribution received from the like-minded individuals who are mostly motivated by the trustee, DMCT- Mr. Subir Bisht and that makes the funding base of all such activities run by DMCT.
Though these efforts may seem like a drop in the ocean, they have significantly benefited many lives, reflecting the trust's enduring commitment to their motto. The trust hopes for more support from government agencies and from the organisations who can contribute through their mandatory CSR to join the noble cause and establishing more RIMCs, across nation, which may prove to be a guiding star in the vast sky, where no one is left deprived of good healthcare facility.

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By Dr. Dhruv Kapoor

An Ode to DMCT & RIMC

In the heart of rural lands, where life is weaved,
Where dreams of health seem far from achieved,
DMCT's RIMC stands tall and strong,
A sanctuary of care, where hope belongs.

Amidst the fields and hills they stand,
A team of healers with purpose grand,
With hands of compassion, they extend,
Modern healthcare to those who depend.

In villages far, where roads are rough,
Their journey of service is never enough,
Through trials and challenges, they persist,
To make healthcare bloom, where it's missed.

With hearts devoted, they tread the mile,
To bring relief, to ease the trial,
Where access is scarce, their spirit thrives,
In the face of obstacles, it always strives.

They bridge the gap, they break the wall,
With every effort, they heed the call,
To make healthcare accessible and near,
For those forgotten, they hold them dear.

Innovation blends with wisdom's art,
As they heal bodies and mend the heart,
A promise they keep, to the underserved,
To bring comfort, where it's deserved.

Through sun and rain, they march ahead,
No challenge daunts, no path they dread,
For the mission is clear, the vision bright,
To make healthcare a guiding light.

With courage unfailing, they dare to dream,
Of a healthier future, where lives redeem,
DMCT's RIMC, a beacon so bright,
In rural India, a saving light.

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It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.

- Dalai Lama

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