Dr R K Kapoor

Dr. R.K. Kapoor, MBBS- the chief functionary Daya Memorial Charitable Trust (Regd) Munirka, New Delhi, was born in the year 1957 in a middle-class family. Having lost his mother when he was just 8.5 years old, he started his academic journey against all odds, did his high school from UP, PUC and Pre medical examination from Punjab University and reached his dream destination MBBS. Though he aspired to be a neurosurgeon, but could not return to academics once in medical practice. Daya Memorial Charitable Trust, Munirka, New Delhi was established and registered in the year 1995, with the registrar of Trust Govt. Of India with its set healthcare goals, highlighted in the deed of registration of trust. It was in the year 2004, that DMCT, started organising Mega Healthcare camps for the population which had very little access to modern healthcare. This initiative of DMCT was supported by contributions from like-minded people, though later on DMCT, carried out healthcare activities from CSR support as well. Having conducted a plethora of large-scale healthcare camps since the last 19 years , DMCT continues to strive towards its motto “Sahayta ke do haath kamzor haathon ke saath” and aims to bring the fruits of modern healthcare to each and every facet of the society.

Mr. Gopal Raturi

Gopal is a first generation entrepreneur who has his humble roots originating from the mountains of Tehri Garwhal. He has set up and run ventures that specialized in providing printing solutions and has among its clients large Indian corporate, multinationals and international agencies. Gopal is the lynchpin of the trust and is a key person for the conceptualization, logistics, site selection and execution of all medical camp related activities of the trust. He is a graduate of Delhi University, married and his wife Reena has also been an active volunteer of DMCT.

Mr. Deepak Kesri

Deepak lost his father at the age of 19 and took over his father’s publishing business. To diversify his prospects Deepak decided to branch out into the printing business and destiny brought him and Gopal together and they decided to become partners in what is today an immensely successful enterprise. Deepak has had a long association with Dr Kapoor and it was but natural that he got associated with DMCT and its charitable activities. Deepak is the administrative backbone of the trust and is the “what if” thinker who plans for every unforeseen eventuality. Deepak pursued his education even while juggling the multiple responsibilities of business and has a graduate degree from Delhi University. He is married to Mala who is also an active volunteer with DMCT.

Mr. P K Bahl

Mr. Pramod Kumar Bahl, S/O Late Shri Baldev Krishan Bahl, who was a very honest Senior level officer of Govt. Of India. Mr. P.K. Bahl is very dynamic, enterprising and is an established consultant for foreign trade, Ministry of External Affairs Govt of India. His mother, who originally hailed from a Kapoor family, considered Dr. Kapoor as his nephew and both his parents considered him as a part of their core family.Mr. P.K. Bahl has always been very supportive, of all initiatives of Dr. Kapoor so much so, that in the year 2000, he invested in a building to provide space in Munirka, to harbour the healthcare unit, Dr. Kapoor is running; the arrangement continues till to date.He’s one of the founding trustees of DMCT.

Mr. Subir Bisht

Subir is based out of Mumbai and an engineering graduate with masters in business administration and his professional career has largely been in the banking sector. Subir started his career with ICICI Bank where he spent 14 years before he moved to Yes Bank for 4 years and then concluded his banking career with a stint with Morgan Stanley for 3 years. He retired at the age of 47 years and is now spending this time dabbling with some teaching stints and associating with social activities of which the primary one is DMCT. His primary role is to try and arrange for the funding requirements of the trust.

Dr. Dhruv Kapoor

After passing out of medical school in 2013, He’s been a practising general physician since the last 9 years, the core of his medical knowledge enriched under the ambit of his father, Dr. R. K. Kapoor who also is the chief functionary of DMCT. Having gained experience in managing both general and critical cases, he’s had a penchant towards Neurosurgery and Neurocritical care, having worked in the aforementioned fields for a majority of his clinical career. Under the able guidance of his father, he’s actively managing the day to day affairs of Daya Memorial hospital, and is one of the members of the Team Of Doctors, participating in rural healthcare camps across India conducted by DMCT.

Mrs Reema Kapoor

Mrs. Reema Kapoor, W/O Dr. R. K. Kapoor, is a graduate from University of Delhi. She was born in a Delhi based business family and post marriage has proved to be an ideal wife, always supporting all initiatives of her husband and contributing in all his prerogatives. She has actively volunteered in almost all activities of DMCT till to date besides, nurturing her family of two children, a Down Syndrome sister in law, and her husband.